Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quote Quandaries

Two quotes from Content Area Literacy churned in my brain today. The first one was not a shocker; Lecture teaching has been proven ineffective since 1950 when Hunt and Sheldon stated, "High school teachers must also realize that much of their frustration is derived from attempting to teach forty pupils as if all the children were able to perform on the same level." Yes, yes, I agree with this quote entirely! I have witnessed the lecture glaze appearing in students' eyes, and I am certain very little learning takes during these moments. The second quote I found depressing but also very, very true; Referring to individualization, Bean, Readence, and Baldwin said, "This may be an ideal to which some educators [like ME] aspire; however, in the face of the rigors of day-to-day classroom experiences with large numbers of students, complete individualization is an unrealistic and counterproductive goal." I know! I have tried! With 56 students, my lesson planning and execution took more time than existed in a day! I wish I could individualize everything, but I must take a good, long look at reality. For the sake of time, I need to slip in more group work and differentiation. The book confirmed my feelings, and it gave suggestions for types of small groups: instructional, research, debate, and digressive groups. I have used each in my classroom and found them to be effective. Along with this, modify, modify, modify, in pre-reading, reading, post-reading. Basically, quote 1 validated my strong personal opinion towards student-centered instruction, and quote 2 told me to chill out. okay, i will...


  1. Can you explain a little about digressive groups. It sounds interesting.

  2. Digressive groups are exciting. Students brainstorm ideas for solving problems. At first, discussion can be a little awkward, but once creative ideas starts to formulate, sparks fly!